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If you are reading this, it means you are only one step behind from finding a solution to your problems. My name is Aakriti and this podcast is about teaching you your value, your importance and the importance of values like self-love and self-dependence.
Here, we talk about different problems in the life of a student with special focus on law students and try our best to provide a solution which doesn't sound absurd. If you have read this much, you are certainly in need of talking. Why wait? Go ahead and listen!

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Let's Talk About with Aakriti

Part 2- From 1st year to Final Year, Know Where to Intern?

If you have listened to our previous episode then you know what this episode is about. If you have not, let me tell you, this episode is about knowing where to intern if you are in your 3rd year to 5th year of law school. These years are crucial in moulding your life as a law student and hence, require extra effort. So, we have also put some extra efforts for you. Go ahead and listen!

Let's Talk About with Aakriti

Part I- From 1st year to Final Year, Know Where to Intern?

Deciding where to intern is sometimes more difficult than getting an internship itself. In 1st year, you don’t have credentials to apply for a legal internship; In 2nd year, you don’t have sufficient knowledge to apply for your desired internship and the list goes on till the final year. You really thought there is no solution. Come on! You know we’re here for you. Go ahead and listen to the solution. List of Ngos!

Let's Talk About with Aakriti

"Art of Scoring in Exams"

Have you wondered how you write everything but still don't get marks or how you learn everything but are not able to reproduce it in your answer scripts? Go ahead and listen to the solution and if you like it, follow us on Spotify for more episodes.

Let's Talk About with Aakriti

Teaser : Law Student Problems!

Welcome to the teaser of our brand new podcast "Let's Talk About". Here, we talk about law school, problems Students face in law school and the easiest solution to those problems. We talk about life of a student in or away from home, the struggle of a student that others don't notice. Well, basically if you are a law student, we talk about you and your problems!

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Maybe you are planning to pursue law and confused which law school to go or maybe you are in a law school and confused how to get internship or get through a moot. For any form of guidance, answer lies only in three words: Come, Join us.