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Nandini Hooda

 June 21 2020

2 min read

            When the infamous gangster Vikas dubey was taken into custody, my friend called to have a conversation regarding the same and told me that tomorrow therell be news regarding the encounter of Vikas Dubey. Next day, the news that Vikas Dubey tried to flee from the police custody and was killed in an encounter was all over the news channels. I wasnt shocked nor was my friend. Even my family members felt this was very much expected. Its like we already knew that this is what's going to happen next. The topic of Encounter killings has always been a debatable topic but in the past few months, it has become a trend. It is just how the encounter killings are shown in the Bollywood movies. UP police has become the new celebrity in town, emboldened by the open public support of their so-called encounter. Even the ministers are glorifying the encounter even after knowing the fact that it was a fake encounter. This trend of glorifying the encounter killing has clearly stated that the faith of public is being shifted from the judiciary. Cheering the police for killing the accused in fake encounters is sort of giving them a free permit to dispense justice.  


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