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Learning in law school may be tough. Stop looking around for help from others, and stop feeling helpless and lost. Let us be your guiding light towards realization of your self-dependance!


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Mentorship & Guidance

Like we always say, every student needs a mentor. We provide personal mentorship and guidance to enable you to deal with your general problems of life, specific problems of academics, or dire need for knowledge.

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Training programs & workshops

We conduct training programs and workshops to give a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge in distinct areas such as legal research, moot court practices, drafting, many more.



We conduct webinars on contemporary issues & subjects of law from the viewpoint of career and excellence; besides, academics and examinations.

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Our virtual competition strategy enables us to reach thousands of students around the nation who can participate at ease without the need to travel. We conduct moot court competitions, debate competitions, and many more and sometimes we innovate our competitions as well.


Skill & personality development

Our internship program and campus ambassador program have been designed to inculcate professionalism in students, develop their communication skills and interpersonal skills.

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The Legal Chronicle is a great platform for law aspirants. I was working on an article and I asked for help. Within 24 hours, they provided me with a mentor and with his guidance, I not only won the competition but also secured a publication.

Paridhi Goel

I was confused earlier in multitude of things and came in contact with the Legal Chronicle team. After talking to them, I believed that everyone needs a mentor and they are great mentors who would help you at different stages.

Manav Garg


Honest Mentorship
& Student Friendly

We have seen people with knowledge as deep as an ocean but are not able to convey it to the students. This is where we ask what is more significant: Knowledge or Ability to Teach? We chose ability to teach and we are proud that we are able to come to the level of students and explain them vital concepts.

Workshops that
bring a
Shift in You

We call our workshops, training programs for a reason. Our aim is not to lecture a crowd who do not understand anything. Our aim is to have a one on one personal interaction. Have a talk with one of our workshop participants and you will find one thing in common: they all observed a profound shift in them.

First Ever
Interactive Moot

We proudly present the first ever virtual moot club in India. In our club, members work in teams on real moot propositions, they exchange roles and argue before their peers supervised by the President of the club and Mootmaster of the day. They renew their membership every three months until they become a Mootmaster.

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Mootmasters Club

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National Research Paper Writing Competition, 2020

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Maybe you are planning to pursue law and confused which law school to go or maybe you are in a law school and confused how to get internship or get through a moot. For any form of guidance, answer lies only in three words: Come, Join us.